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The project "European Union:common past, present and future for you" (EUcom4U) aims to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the EU history and the differing perceptions and understandings of past and present significant events among citizens of six European communities in six member-states.

The core aims are, by getting to know more on the different commemorations in EU history of the 20th century, local communities to understand the development of EU, to re-read an re-evaluate our common values, to value and apply them in their everyday actions and behaviors and to act respectively.

The main theme of the planned project activities is PEACE and UNITY. The project involves a good balanced partnership of six EU member states with different history, that will allow the participants to get a broad picture and perceptions on the significant years that has traced the European integration, based on the process of building the value of UNITY.

Using different non-formal instruments as open public debate, workshop, discussion, exhibition, educational visit, story-telling and eye-witness session, street event, FB, the project will allow citizens of the project countries to understand diverse national experiences on the road to UNITY, but also the common history of Europe and its consequences for the future.


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