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Transferring Innovative Practices


TIP - ”Transferring Innovative Practices in 2nd chance education addressing ELET” is a strategical partnership aiming to establish a learning partnership as an open collaborative environment, between organizations and practitioners (artists, youth workers, trainers, social workers) active in social and educational work from 5 different European countries, developing processes of networking creative practices in second chance education and social inclusion work. With this partnership we want to share experience and knowledge, exploring the potential of non formal approaches in education, specially addressing young ELET (Early Leavers from Education and Training) and NEET (Not in Employment, Education and Training) but also connecting different target groups, disadvantaged low qualified youngsters and young graduates ready to integrate social and educational working places, both groups being mutually beneficial, both struggling for their first experiences for social and professional integration.

The partnership will improve the attractiveness of partners’ activities, developing, along the 2 years of the project, a common strategy to create and deliver relevant and usable products that can help teachers and other professionals to extend their professional capacities and to engage as active agents of change.

The 3 intellectual outputs that will be developed, a school-based staff training program, a toolkit of non formal creative practices and a documentary story telling film will be implemented concurrently in the participating schools, providing the necessary support for the introduction of these innovative practices through reflective supervisions with experienced trainers. The innovative practices that prove their potential and efficiency in social educational work addressing early leavers and attracting adults back to education will than become available and easy accessible through the project communication tools, including a dedicated webpage.


The project will promote the public awareness on the importance of non formal alternative approaches in social and educational work, addressing marginalized groups, through public seminars and trainings in different countries as well as a web interactive platform for sharing and dissemination of results. An annual joint staff training event will be opportunity for mutual learning. The wider dissemination of the project’s products and findings will be considerable because of the wide local, national and international networks that the partner organizations are members of.

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