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You(th) are (P)art


"Dear friends:


A few days ago I experienced one of the best experiences of my life. I thought I could have landed and that is why I have been striving every single day to get me up to work. Evaluate young people, pass on reports of our participation in the Erasmus + program and wait for everything to return to your site.

This email is to tell you that I have not succeeded. Now nothing is as before. All training activities have been enriched by my experiences in Portugal. Every tutoring I do with young people I'm doing thinking about what you are doing to them. In what tonality would you do it and I think that when I sit down to talk to a student you sit next to me.

I had experienced very impressive personal experiences, I have also seen episodes of my life and my family that are recorded in my memory. And I have also lived worthy of worthy work. But in Portugal everything went well. And although we were seeing improvements every day. Now, from the distance, I can assure that everything was very round. Everything very well coordinated and scheduled.

I value the work you've done, from your own role. And I really appreciate the effort that your youngsters have made to make this project so beautiful.

As for me and for young people, Youth are Part is a peak in our lives. We recall each one of the trainers, the companions and, of course, the management team.


It's been days since young people ask me for continuity. Bring a young man here to the center, go back to travel, learn more English ... etc. It is also due to the inability we have to assume it was an ongoing experience and that it will hardly be repeated again in the way it was carried out.


Every one of you and the moments we have shared in my heart will remain in my heart. Every moment I make every effort to remind everyone and I think we have a long time left to see each other again.


Thank you all"

Jaume Vidal Arasa


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